Fire equipment, smoke detectors, sensors, smoke extraction installations

The smoke detector is a device equipped with sensors, which have the role of producing an alarm signal in case of imminent danger, or it is converted into an audio or local light signal. We must take care of every aspect that contributes to ensuring the safety of the family your. Electric Best Deal has all the solutions for all the installations in your home to work efficiently even in emergency cases, such as fire equipment, smoke sensors and a smoke extraction system
Many of us tend not to replace the batteries of smoke detectors, inadvertently, but we come up with a very good and safe solution: the smart smoke detector, its battery does not require changing or checking, due to the fact that the battery lasts for the entire life of the PRODUCT

How does a smoke removal system help us?

– keep the access ways free of smoke and gases
– protects equipment, objects and furniture
– with its help we reduce the damage caused
– allows the access of teams and means of intervention for extinguishing the fire
The smoke removal system, more precisely the installation of this system is composed of a smoke evacuation system for shielding, but also for ventilation pressurization, the smoke is eliminated through hatches or windows that open automatically to facilitate the evacuation of smoke from the house. All this together with the component that incorporates the fresh air creates the exhaust system.
To choose the best products for your project, an Electric Best Deal consultant will be at your disposal in the Showroom on I.G.Duca street, no. 12, Constanta. Here you will find all the benefits of each brand. We also provide you with a specialized team for installation.

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