UPS installation, batteries

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply means uninterruptible power source
The UPS represents the most modern method, but also the most practical, which saves you from the effects of power failures, which can be damaging to electronics.
The main functions performed by a UPS are the following:
– supplies and protects the electronic components of an electrical system in case of overvoltage;
– filters the electric current from the power supply network;
– it can automatically close the connected electronics if the “power failure” lasts longer;
– it can feed a series of receivers considered vital, in case of need.
UPS are divided into several different categories, depending on the specific needs of each customer.
The offer is suitable for any application, with solutions that offer the best levels of performance in terms of power and backup power time.
An Electric Best Deal consultant will be available for advice in the Showroom on I.G.Duca street, no. 12, Constanta. We also provide you with a specialized team for installation. For appointments and information, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone/Whatsupp +40 755 509 149

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